NeoPortal is currently under construction, Learn more below otherwise check back later.

NeoPortal is a portal with News (possibly), Weather (possibly), Web search, Web directory, Neocities directory,

and Neocities search, More features coming soon!

Prototype of NeoPortal Now avalible, I was planning on using frames but i saw that it caused some problems.

User Interface design help would be appreciated, message me on Neocities if you would like to help.

Soon going to be done with the first beta version of NeoPortal, which hopefully will be live tonight! However not all features are fully done, and some are not implemented yet.

Thanks to Modern XP for making a design for me, once i find out how to put the code in my website, NeoPortal will be live, I will continue working on my version as a 2nd interface that i might use sometime, or maybe for a bit of fun.

NeoPortal Prototype (only has neocities search)