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Latest News from NeoPortal
7/8/2019: Uploaded first prototype of NeoPortal to https://neoportal.neocities.org/home/default.html
Decided to use some elements of the old 90's Yahoo website found on Wayback Machine to build this portal.
Migrated Web and Neocities Search from Google Custom Search to DuckDuckGo
7/8/2020: Updated web directory hyperlink on Classic NeoPortal so it works. Also its the 1 year anniversary of NeoPortal,
The new version will be updated to celebrate!

Copyright 2019, NeoPortal Studios, a part of Jacob07 studios, Latest News/Stuff boxes from 90's Yahoo. The copyright isnt real, This Portal will be Open Source soon once I think there is enough features.

Remember, this is classic NeoPortal, however i will still support both the new version New NeoPortal and this version.